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Polittico was founded in 2013 by Mia Arfuso and Francesco Calogero, both oriented towards a new independent direction, after years of experience: the opportunity was represented by the movie Seconda Primavera (Second Spring), successfully completed today, when it seemed destined to remain on paper.

Polittico's goal is first of all to develop independent projects: narrative films or documentaries, radio-television and publishing plans, or complex hybrids resulted from crossing languages and disciplines. In brief, diversity in the art of storytelling, within the range allowed by the articles of association.                   

Actually, Polittico resumes a path interrupted a few years ago. In the late '80s, Italian cinema welcomed the debut of a new generation of authors, and the clear affirmation of independent films: among them, La gentilezza del tocco (The Gentle Touch), shot and produced in Messina, then highly appreciated all over the world, winning awards and earning enthusiastic reviews.

This successful debut encouraged Francesco Calogero and his group, mostly coming from the experimental theatre group Nutrimenti Terrestri, to persevere in their cinematic experience. The following two feature films continued to raise consistent critical acclaim, showing a remarkable productive progress: Visioni private (Private Visions) became even more popular in the international circuit as a cult oddity for its unusual setting in a film festival milieu; Nessuno (Nobody) gained access to a widespread distribution in theatres, thanks to its attractive cast.

Over time, however, a growing awareness of the difficult competition with the film industry in Rome forced Nutrimenti Terrestri to go back to the theatre stage, while Calogero kept building a cinematic authorial path in a political context exacerbated by the financial crisis.

Today things have changed. The advent of new technologies created alternative forms of production: the digital revolution transformed ways and languages of creation, particularly in movie making. At the same time it allowed production outsourcing, offering exciting opportunities in each region of origin.

This is how Polittico identifies the role of cultural enterprise in Southern Italy, focusing on Regional Heritage in search of stories and knowledge, in a fertile confrontation with other cultures.

Polittico’s goal is to produce in the South, but dialoguing with the world.

Polittico is the Italian word for polyptich, a hinged altarpiece, consisting in one large central painting with a number of wings attached to its sides. Derived from the Greek πολύπτυχος, the term “polyptych” literally means "of many folds". This certainly refers to the multiple directions we aim to go – various “side panels” besides cinema - but it’s first and foremost a tribute to the great painter Antonello da Messina, whose magnificent Polittico di San Gregorio is proudly displayed in the Regional Museum of Messina (Sicily), the city where we come from.