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Lorenzo, a 17-year-old Roman student, still keeps in mind the event that tragically marked his family’s life: the gruesome death of his mother, stabbed by an immigrant from Eastern Europe during a purse snatching, in front of her two children. Particularly Cesare, the eldest of the two boys, bears a blind grudge against all foreigners, called "invaders of Italy", rubbing off on his brother. Thus, when Lorenzo gets wind that his father intends to remarry with a woman from Bulgaria, his reaction is vehement. Visibly depressed, he begins to wander the city, unable to find Cesare anywhere. By evening, Lorenzo escapes a robbery attempt by two Roman peers, thanks to a group of various nationalities: seeing him still in shock, they invite him to join them. At the multi-ethnic party they go to, Lorenzo is very impressed by Valentina, the young landlady: he will soon find out she is Bulgarian too…

Always more often we happen to notice how people are judged, in a superficial and immature way, by their own roots. Cases of xenophobia and intolerance in general are growing in all kind of circles, including schools. And conversely, the perfect harmony reached in our multicultural working group, during our film class, pushed us almost automatically to talk about integration.


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