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  1. production, distribution and promotion of audiovisual products;

  2. creation or collaboration in the creation of websites, web TV and web radio, and related activities, such as the creation of audiovisual documents for these platforms;

  3. creation, promotion and distribution of theatrical and musical performances;

  4. development of cultural initiatives and events in the field of entertainment, art, social sciences and tourism;

  5. implementation of initial and advanced training courses, workshops and educational workshops, both theoretical and practical;

  6. publishing activity, including any kind of audiovisual support;

  7. publication of research and studies relating to social sciences, architecture, cinema, theater, music and art in the broad sense of the word;

  8. study, programming, implementation of exchange programs or collaboration, nationally and internationally, with companies, associations and other public and private organizations that favor the joint creation of initiatives based on the same ideals and purposes of Polittico;

  9. collaboration with local public entities to support initiatives for the enhancement of the cultural offer.

  10. (excerpts from the articles of association)


performing arts

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