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Born in Calabria, but Sicilian by adoption, she lives in Rome. At the end of the 80’s she gained her first experience in journalism at the newspaper Il Giornale di Sicilia. Meanwhile, she managed the communication of ARCI – a renowned Italian culture association – for a video art festival, directed by Carmelo Marabello.

Between 1993 and 1998 she joined the editorial team of Taormina Film Festival – in those years under the artistic direction of Enrico Ghezzi – publishing the official catalogue.

As a shareholder of the cooperative "Entr'acte", she took part in 1997 in the production of the play Rome AD 2110 – based on Marbles by Joseph Brodsky and directed by Daniele Gonciaruk, then premiered in the official season of Teatro Vittorio Emanuele (Messina) – and of the short film Uomo di carta (Paper Man), directed by Massimo Coglitore, which was screened at the Turin Film Festival in 1998 before winning several international awards. In the same year she participated in the drafting of the Italian edition for S. M. Eisenstein’s Composition of the Stage Space for Puskin’s Prisoner of Caucasus, curated by Naum Klejman - director of Cinema State Museum in Moscow - and published by Taormina Film Festival.

Between 1994 and 1999 she joined Messina Film Festival, covering various positions over the years. In more recent times she took a close interest in public reception management, fund raising, and European project management. Specifically, she participated to workshops organized by Lazio region and MAGICA (Master in Film and Audiovisual Business Management) for the advanced training of workers in the entertainment industry, and worked at the Convention Center “Roma Eventi Piazza di Spagna” and in the production company Paneikon (Rome).

In 2013 she started the production company Polittico, which made its debut with the documentary Mise en Scène with Arthur Penn (A Conversation) - shoot by the Iranian director Amir Naderi, co-produced by Alphaville Film and Rai show Fuori Orario, and shown during the 71st Venice Film Festival - while completing the feature film Seconda primavera (Second Spring), written and directed by Francesco Calogero. Premiered in January 2015 at the 26th Trieste Film Festival, the film was invited at the 49th Worldfest  Houston,  where it received  the Gold  Remi  Award for Foreign Film.  After its protagonist Claudio Botosso won  the  Dedalo Minosse Cinema  Prize for Best Actor, the film got a nomination for Best Story at Nastri d'Argento 2016. Shown with N.I.C.E.  (New Italian Cinema Events)  in Ukraine, Russia and U.S., Second Spring was awarded Best Feature at the 11th Hamilton Film Festival (Canada), and embarked on a festival tour in France after being screened  at Annecy Cinéma Italien as part of a retrospective dedicated to Francesco Calogero,  who  is awarded  the  Prix Sergio  Leone 2016  for lifetime achievement.     

Subsequently, Second Spring was awarded also in Spain - Premio Arte en el Séptimo Arte a la Mejor Dirección de Arte at Festival Internacional de Cine y Arquitectura-FICARQ in Santander, July 2017 – then won two Audience Choice Awards for Best Feature Film (Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema, NYC, USA, August 2017, and Ramsgate Intl Film&TV Festival, UK, March 2018).

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